3 New Things I Bought Today

I went to the store with my mom. This is what I bought. 🙂

1. A Zensational Binder by Carolina Pad.

I needed a new binder, since my old one was falling apart. I love Carolina Pad’s binders – they have a new style every season! I don’t buy binders often – my falling apart one is from junior year!

2. Terra Chips: Plain Sweet Potato Chips

My mom and I tried them. She bought Terra Chips also, but she bought the Sweets & Beets one. They taste pretty good, and they’re healthier than the other chips on the market. 😀

3. Extra Desert Delights in Strawberry Shortcake

It’s really good. 😀

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Comments on this post

So I guess I am lucky cause I am a 16 year high school girl lmfao. I talk to both girls. I feel you need both girls and guys in your life. My friends are not bitchy and we are just chill haha So i dont care about gender with friends

Sorry :X I felt like trolling. As you can see, I don`t support anything of this misfit. But I was itching for a troll after I read the post :/.

:O! Dance is painful at first, but its excellent with flexibility. 🙂 ^_^

I always thought- online applications are the best. All you might need to do is copy and paste most of the things. :D! Such as your resume. :O! Or those common long answers.

THAT ZEN BINER LOOKS CUTE!!! I would love to have brushes like that >_<!!

nice stuffs you got there. i like the foods you bought. looks so yummy :))

That binder is awesome! I really like it.

The binder design is really funky! At first when I didn’t read the text, I thought it was a laptop or something. 😉 When I got binders for school I would get a plain black one so I could decorate it myself with my own designs slipped into the cover.

I haven’t heard of Terra chips but usually I prefer original chips. Those dessert delights look delicious!

Well, it’s 300 reviews over the course of about two years, so I guess it’s not too much… though with all the other work I’ve done, I suppose it is. 😛

That’s a shame. 🙁 I don’t really like watching those talent shows though; some of them are overrated and sometimes I don’t think the singers are all that amazing.

I hope the kids don’t give you too much trouble! ^_^

Heyyy Sabby. 😀
I actually want the degree but finding the right college is the issue for me. I want something that has an amazing web-design program and also dorm rooms. I was thinking Art Institutes but they don’t have dorms.
I think i’d want a boy first. I don’t want too much girls because there’s so much issue. I also want to avoid the birth control phase lol.

Cute binder. 😀 I need one lol. My current one is too small and i need something bigger i don’t want something that’s too huge either.
Okay i am so searching for that gum.

Those are some pretty awesome buys. I love trying new things like that.

Thanks! 🙂