Already Done

I renewed today. I had money – still have some – in my NameCheap account, so I figured, why not get it over with, you know? It’s due February 9, 2012 now. I won’t be renewing, and I do not know about renewing I changed my mind on the smoothie community – it’s too time consuming. If anyone is interested in, let me know. Like I said about LSi, I’m still not yet sure. >.>

Instead of using for merely a domain for subdomain hosting, I’m opening it up as a little hosting place of its own – for TCG players, owners, etc. Others may still have for their subdomain and not be related to anything having to do with TCG’s if they would like; I just figured this would help with the TCG directory I’m working on. 😛

I’m going to be changing my layout sometime within the next or two, so if you see a different layout each time your visit here you will know why. After all, I have to find one that I like! I think I’m just going to go with the plain one, though. >.> It’s simple and clean, and I like it. I can’t find one that I like and says, “!” 🙁

Sorry this post is “blah” and short. >.> I don’t have much to say today.

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Amusing stuff.

If I’m honest I didnt think I was going to come back but I’m happy I returned again.

You have twitter to thank for that btw:)

Nice work

(The Electronic Cigarette Queen)