Dirty Jobs

I have experienced some dirty jobs in my life (or at least witnessed them). Even if they are not considered “real jobs” I am going to list them. These are some crazy experiences, and I hope that you can relate to some. 🙂

5. Cleaning out the cat litter box

It stinks, it’s clumpy (I hope you got that clumpy kitty litter!), emphasis on it stinks (!) – Face it: It’s not that bad, but when you trip over it by walking backwards after dumping out a kitty litter box for fresh kitty litter, it’s yucky. >.>

4. Taking care of an ill sibling

Though it is out of love, when they vomit, it isn’t the prettiest thing. Cleaning it up is the worst since it is not your own. Hand sanitizer comes in handy. Then again, when does it not? I try to always have hand sanitizer on me (in my purse).

3. Testing a new lake

How does it feel? Is it fun to swim in? If you don’t think this is a “dirty job”, ask a child. My cousin Shane and I were younger [than 19 and 16]  when our Uncle Roddy’s backyard lake was finished being dug. It rained the night before, and that was enough to fill it. I remember Shane and I were so muddy that Mimi hosed us off before we went inside to shower. One of us showered, and the other took a bath. I don’t remember who it was.

I think I was in second grade, because I lived here in second grade. If not, then I was on vacation for something – Spring Break, maybe?

2.  Being a daycare teacher

Snotty noses, being bit and constantly changing dirty diapers is not exactly my cup of tea. However, it does pay, and playing with babies and little kids is a blast. …Until they bite you, pick their nose, sneeze and/or dirty their diaper.

1. Rescuing kittens

On Tuesday, if someone would have told me I was going to crawl under the house again the next day, I would not have believed them. -.-

My oldest younger brother Isaac and I crawled around under my mom’s house the other day. Like I said in my previous kitty-rescue post, my mom has a mobile home. If you still don’t know what I mean, read about it here. 😛

It wasn’t until we’d caught the biggest one (Buster, I think they named him) that my mom blurted out that there is most likely urine and feces from the kittens and other animals under there. Smart one, Mom. Let’s just say I didn’t go under the house again. In another six months, if something like this happens again, I might go under. But to be honest, I would rather wait the kitten(s) came out with the momma cat, because I was dirty when the job was through. I had spider webs in my mouth and all over me – I wouldn’t doubt I had spiders in my hair, too. Who’s to say I did not?

I showered as soon as I arrived home. Twice. I think I washed my hair three times? I don’t remember how long afterward, but I received a text message from my mom. Isaac caught the last kitten! Her name is Lucy, she is the smallest, and she has the longest bobbed tail.

Now we have to catch the momma cat to prevent this chaos happening again in the next six months! I think we are going to use a trap. But don’t worry, we’ll use a Havahart® Live Animal Trap. 😉

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Comments on this post

Oooh! I used to watch the show dirty jobs :P! But there`s everyday chores or tasks that can be a dirty job. :O! i hate the cat liter box. Thats why my kittens and cats are outdoors at night unless otherwise. :P! Working with children can be hectic. Because children and children :P! But its all for a good cause. For a better environment. And for a better experience.

Yes, those things are dirty! Really really annoying. I think that there’s this TV show that describes all kinds of dirty jobs that I’d never want to do. And oh! all the disgusting things you do as a little kid.

I think it’s kind of ironic that there’s a trap named “Have A Heart”. 😛

Thank goodness for the rescue! About the dirtiness though… I know what you mean. D: The dirtiest place ever has got to be my workplace with all the little children. They have their own folders, which are plastic so I guess they don’t get dirty too easily, but they are disgusting. They get disgusting over time. All the tables and the number boards and puzzles are disgusting. I always HAVE to wash my hands so thoroughly with soap after I finish work. There’s no use in carrying sanitiser when I’m in constant contact ahha. X_X

Other than that I haven’t done any other dirty jobs… but going under that house, yeagrh.

I haven’t had to clean up a sibling’s mess and my brother rarely gets sick and I don’t have to take care of him. 😀

I don’t have pets so I guess that minimises my dirty jobs a lot. 😛