Groggy Wednesday

Those of you who entered my B’day Contest are listed on my sidebar. If you entered but are not listed, please comment me on this blog so that I will know. I am pretty sure I got everyone though? If you ARE entering, be sure that you comment on THIS entry, as it became confusing to a few of the people who were entering.

Anyway, according to Shine at Yahoo!, you are suppose to eat leafy greens, nuts, onions, whole grains and yogurt everyday. I found it quite interesting. 🙂

I took my driver’s license test March 1, and I got my license. However, the lady that gave me the test strongly recommended that I take a deffensive driver’s class since I barely passed. I made a 70. 😛 But at least I passed. Thank God I don’t have to take the test again. 😀

A skunk had babies under my house. Well, my grandmother’s house. But still? Same diff. xD Any who, it stinks. Really bad. Every night. And we cannot kill the skunk or spray Skunk Away, etc. because she will leave her babies. If she leaves her babies, the babies will DIE. That will make it stink even MORE. Ugh. I looked up skunk pictures online because I have never seen one outside of cartoons. They are actually really pretty creatures. 🙂

My mom is rough housing with the dogs. Now they are playing with her hair scrunchie, and Jackson is dragging Bella around.

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