Making my own layouts

Making my own layouts is awesome.

Here’s why:

  1. Same CSS – every time. I don’t have to add the same ole p class CSS bundles I have to keep adding in layouts I use that other people have made.
  2. It doesn’t take much time to change things, but I love playing around with CSS when I know where everything is already. Granted, this one was supposed to have a sidebar, but that just didn’t work out. …Not that I was trying to turn the sidebar into a top bar, if they even exist, or anything like that…
  3. I can now start working on that past layouts page I’ve been wanting to work on for a while now.
  4. Playing around with everything is easier and more fun because I know where everything is located.
  5. If I screw up, I can’t just redownload the premade from Georgina or Vicky.

Anyway, I have my fall theme picked out. You can count on seeing it closer to Halloween/November, when I’ll be working on my winter theme.

Ignore this block quote; I need a block quote to test something on my new theme. >.< Ignore it. 🙂

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Comments on this post

It’s awesome that you like making your own themes! It lets you set your site apart from others.

From my experience, I drew the conclusion that I actually don’t like web design… Maybe I’ll make a couple WordPress plugins someday. Ah, well – to each his own.

I am stoked to see the new layout, I am loving this one though, haha. Not sure if you can top it. 😉

I have always made my own layouts. I like it when people make their own layouts because it shows their own personal style, and kind of reflects who the blogger is as as person through their layout design. I like your fall layout! 🙂

I must say, I am still trying to learn how to make wordpress themes after all these years! You have inspired me to start to learn something.