My views on Bullies and Bullying

Last night I watched the news. Last year 3 DISD high school students committed suicide because of bullying.

I knew DISD was bad, but I did not think it was – nor could be – that bad. All schools have bullies, and all schools should have anti-bullying policies; however, there are still many that do not.

According to William, his counselors helped and supported him whilst he was being bullied. If they knew, why didn’t they do anything? Isn’t that a counselor’s job, too? Are school counselors not supposed to confront the school board and actually do something about it? If a mother is said to be drinking and ignoring/abusing the child, she is reported, whereas students caught bullying could get something as small as a Saturday detention rather than suspension.


  1. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.
  2. Archaic . a man hired to do violence.

–verb (used with object)

  1. to act the bully toward; intimidate; domineer.


Bullying sometimes results in at least one fight or more. Whether it is a verbal or physical fight, the consequences are the same. Therefore, is bullying not fighting? If so, how is it not? I am a victim of bullying. I was the odd girl out. I also admit to bullying someone once because I was jealous of them. I have seen it from both sides. My point is this: If one person is verbally abusing another, especially on school grounds, why do they not always receive consequences?

I understand that schools and teachers cannot “catch every since bully”, but if they could at least catch the majority, maybe schools would have less violence than the amount they have now. Does that make sense?

If you wish to read the news article, it is located at:

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Hi, it just means that you can post it on more than one of your sites. If you own a site that doesn’t have a way to track back, just leave the url on my site where you linked it.

It makes sense, but it’s not always possible to do something. In many cases, addressing the problem head on with an adult can make it much worse for the student who is experiencing the bullying.

I’m a victim of bullying as well; a few people made junior high near unbearable for me. But I didn’t have it the worst.

Unfortunately (and I hate to say this), I think bullying will always be how children relate to each other at one point or another. It’s another personality and bond-forming stage of life. Kids can’t realize the impact they’re having on another person because they’re all about themselves at that age. As adults we’re much better able to see the impact.

Kids are mean. Sometimes, it’s in how they’re raised. And we can’t go into the homes of other people and tell them that they’re raising their children wrong unless it’s an abusive situation.

The thing with bullying in school is that you simply cannot punish a child the way you’d punish an adult under the law. Therefore, while a bullying parents could be thrown in jail, a child will never get anywhere near that amount of retribution. Kids with bad behavior and kids who were bullies can grow up to be good adults who don’t cause trouble. I’m sure that we can all name quite a few cases.

Finally, I think that the correct approach to anti-bullying is to make everybody else confident and unbulliable because the bullies as hell aren’t going to listen to teachers and people going against them. While bullying is bad, I think that being unable to keep your own head is worse, and that will solve more problems for more people than shutting down the bullies.

That’s so horrible. Someone should never commit suicide because of another person. I’ve been bullied, but not often. One time as a senior I was bullied by some sophomore who thought I was a freshman. He had the nerve.

I love the word corrupted when it’s used that way. XD My mom always say I corrupt any younger kids who hang with me.

Love this site it’s amazing. I’m a victim of bullying as well. For me it has been going on since y5, I’m in y10 now so 6 years? Telling the teacher does make it worse I’ve tried that before. Nothing changed. Sometimes it’s up to the individual to stand up for themself. Bit by bit I’m trying to summon me hidden confidence and talk a lot more so I’m not bullied as much.

Thanks for the comment. 🙂

Just ignore them; don’t worry about what they think of you – especially if they think you are weird. Weird is good; the world needs more “weird” people. 😉

Yeah, it would be hard to find every bully. Plus I’m sure some of the bullying is done when teacher’s aren’t around. Most of my bullying was done to me while walking/waiting for the school bus. So it wasn’t even on school grounds so I don’t think school’s are even able to do anything about that. But for bullying to get so bad that people are killing themselves, something definitely needs to be done.

I was a recent victim of bullying. And I got connections to the principal. :O! It stopped that day when I told him. I wished it was like that for everywhere. After what happened to me and I told the principal, he had no bullying signs posted in every classrooms.

I hate it when people suicide because of bullying. but I understand why. Other people also needs to get involved and help. Its cause others are ignorant. :/.

But good luck with the contest :D! Schools should catch every bully. For good rep.

Is this like a tag thing? If it is, i want to do it lol. I’m going to make one right now. 😀 I’ll put everyone’s names on it. 😀

Bullying is wrong and idk why people do it. It’s just not right, i mean why do people spend their time torturing others? Do they not have a life instead?
I am so glad there is no such thing as bullying in my school.

Some schools are stupid! Don’t have cameras everywhere?

I used to be bullied, in school and later at my previous working place. Interestingly enough, not while I was in university 😛

It wasn’t pleasant, but… it never occurred to me to commit suicide. Heck every time I thought about killing myself, I teared up at all the (supposed) lost opportunities, if I had decided to take that path. Meh, I must be one hell of a narcisist. LOL

My school didn’t have anyone to deal with such issues, but I could always go to my parents and cry about it. They didn’t go to the teacher – or anything like it – but rather taught me to ignore it. Wasn’t easy, but in the end – school ended. And now it hardly matters. 🙂

Hi Liz! Hehe, that’s funny. Outlets, I always liked that word better than links too!

We learned about Bullying in a health unit last year and thankfully, it never got that worse at my school. I mean sure, there was the occasional gossip about who was wearing what, but since I went to an all-girl uniformed school, no one really cared in the end anyway. I think I am liked by everyone– I make it my goal to be on good terms with everyone, and smile as much as possible. Changing schools and moving a lot has helped me develop some good social skills to meet new people. I was never the odd girl out though, I don’t think.

There was this one girl though…. A couple years back, we fought over this one friend. We used to be best friends the year before, but then… I don’t know what happened. She started talking bad about me to some other of my friends, and tried to take them away from me and turn them against me. Thankfully, my friends were and still are very loyal and didn’t do any of those horrible stuff to me. Eventually, I just pushed past it. I changed schools the next year, but not because of her. I think it was more jealousy that she treated me like that then anything else, like you said.

It saddens me that bullying has reached this height of violence and measures in this modern society. I think with the new technology such as Facebook, Formspring, and MySpace there’s also not just Verbal and Physcial but Cyber too. Any form of those though, I think are considered fights and insults. Sometimes I think teachers don’t get involved because they think that it’s good for kids to fight their own fights, but when it reaches the point where the child turns to self-harm or suicide, then the teachers should intervene. The bully always seems to get away with it, even in the end. It’s horrible.

Plus, with bullying you end up less worrying about academics and friends and more about what you’ll encounter with that person the next day…

This was a very distressing post, but you made some several good points. I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend, and hope you’re just excited for Thanksgiving as I am! 🙂

I think since the school obviously can’t take care of the bullying problem the parents need to. They need to prepare their kids so much better instead of leaving them to figure it out on their own.
It is very sad that these bullies cause death. That is so mean. Parents also need to make sure they don’t pass on the urgency to be mean (or a spirit of meanness) or a mode of survival.