Off Day

Nothing that has happened today has made much sense. I finally sleep through the night without waking up coughing, and this is what I receive in return?

I don’t want it!

  1. Sprite overflowed while I was pouring it.
  2. Gas pump wouldn’t pump into the truck. The lady (she looked my age) tried to help from inside that box thing [at Brookshire’s]. After nothing worked, she went outside and helped. GUESS WHAT!!?? IT WORKED. -.-
  3. Inside Brookshire’s, some weird feeling hit me. This clumsy-ish vibe swallowed me. >.>
  4. In other words, check-out? Yeah, that sucked.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m blogging on a Saturday. I hardly ever, right? My mom, stepdad (Lard) and Isaac went to Oklahoma for Lard’s birthday. His parents are taking them, really. I don’t remember the city. I think that’s because it’s got such a weird spelling? They’re going to play at the casinos. Lard and my mom are getting $100 each. My mom is keeping hers, and I don’t blame her. ^^

Carrie and Patrick are staying here in Texas and spending the night tonight. Carrie’s still kind of sick. She went with me to the store.

My driving wasn’t horrible, but oddly, there was traffic, so it was frustrating. I had to take the long way home, meaning I had to go through the stoplights.

I’ve realized it is easier to play FarmVille when you have people that really play it – working on your farm, sending you gifts. I’m still loving my farm on my personal Facebook though. >.> Especially since I reorganized everything. I’ll post a picture for you guys later. 🙂 … Or maybe now? 😀

No… Later. I have to go. >.> Carrie is crying now because Mimi just called and said that it may be better if her and I stay the night here (at my mom’s house) tonight because we don’t have an extra bed, and it might just be easier.

She’s not crying-crying, but I think she’s mad now.

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Comments on this post

i am so confused haha but i hope everything gets better with carrie lol and mhm hopefully ur step dad doesn’t over gamble. im sure he wont. and farmville, i never really played it lol.
and awww im so sorry. i am glad your brothers condition is getting better:D

Last night I spilled my tea all over one of my bags from the store, so I kinda know how you feel as far as the drink situation goes. I had to wipe everything that was in that bag off.

I would keep the $100 too!

I haven’t played FarmVille in months! I hardly ever get on facebook anymore though.

I’m guessing that would make it harder to deal with. At least you kind of got it off your chest though. 🙂 <3

Also accepted the group on facebook. 🙂

Overcoming everyday obstacles will make you a better person :D! I hope nothing like this happens again :X! :O! I used to play farmville :P! As Iprobably said before :O! It was addicting! I liked the competition :P! I managed to go from last place to like the top places :D! But I hate it when I have to plow like a 20×20 farm :O!

Aw. I am sorry about those events. Something similar has been happening to me all week. Everything I am doing is going wrong, my computer crashed and when I started crying in school, the only person who saw me was my ex.
It was awkward.
I often see your farmville updates. I have never played farmville. But my sister was an addict. And all the while when the music played in the background, I thought I was slowly going crazy.

You haven’t yet read BREAKING DAWN? God. I am not a big fan of the Twilight Saga, but.
I hated Breaking Dawn by the way. I found Eclipse the best by far too. The way Jacob’s character was suddenly brought to life was interesting to read.

Added you on facebook but you already know that. 🙂
I love your smilies, where on earth did you find those?
I would have kept the cash too. 😛

I’ve had days where I couldn’t get the gas pump to pump for me, I’m not sure why either, but it’s rather embarrassing, eh?

I also hate when beverages spew over, it sucks and gets everything sticky and then you have to clean everything up and blah!

Hopefully the rest of your week gets better and nothing else out of the ordinary happens. 😛


The rest of my week got a little better. The internet went out at the worst time possible for me, and now I’m completely behind on my comments, which I hate. I’m trying really hard not to miss any. 🙁

Hey Sweetie, I’m so sorry for not contacting you by now, I’m not normally like this, but my family & I just got done passing a stomach bug around. : I’m sorry you had a hard day! I hope it gets better! <33 If you'd like to respond, just email me. :]]