Quick Beat

I went through all of my affiliates today to add their MySpaces. If I couldn’t see it on the navigation bar, I didn’t spend time to find it. I should have done an affiliate check as well, but that thought did not come to mind until I was finished. I updated them, too, so if you are not on there and I am on yours, please let me know! If you are interested in sub domain hosting (you.mangopenguin.com), check out my MySpace blog. The link will be on my profile itself. I finally fixed everything so that it matches my new theme/domain layout. If you find anything that looks odd, let me know? I’m working on reviewing Exploding Pineapples, which will take a few more days (I like to take my time). Anyway, I still need to update the content section. It i currently 12:08 a.m., and I began writing this at 11:57 p.m.

Now, let’s fast forward to 12:15 a.m.! I just updated the content links. I have realized that it takes a lot more time to change the theme/layout of a site than I thought, but I guess that everything goes quicker with PHP? I don’t know if that made sense. Hmm … Apparently, MangoPenguin.com failed the E-Referrer link check, so they added a link that stretched from below my “Stats” header to my affiliates list (Sarah Unlikely and below). It took me about an hour to find out exactly what it was: FRUSTRATING. Ick. Okay, anyways. A contest is coming up soon, and the details will be posted on Friday! Thank you for reading.

P.S. Quick Beat: \’kwik ‘bet\ noun. 1. a term used to describe a blog full of random updates at mangopenguin.com 2. a term used to describe a rant that may or may not make any sense at all. Term may be found at MangoPenguin.com.

Content update!

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