So, school is the week after next week. Because the deadline to apply for FAFSA was in June, I have decided to not attend community college this semester. I have been slacking when it comes to my updating and such, so I have decided that maybe I should just stick to working on one section/item each week. I mean, maybe then I can actually get this site at least a little more organized? I’m also thinking of switching my theme to a domain layout of mine under style 2. I saw what my style 3’s look like on Internet Explorer and I was like, “Oh, no!!” I thought that I had messed it up. So, before I use one of those layouts for me, I will be taking a poll to see who uses which browser the most that visits Mango Penguin. 🙂 Feel free to drop your suggestions of at the chat box on the sidebar. (:


Let’s get snazzy.

New name, domain site, and I now offer hosting!

🎵  Listening to: Life is a Show by Cassie Steele