Small Blog Project: 5 Things

I’m going to start a small blog project of my own. It will be 5 lists of 5 things (5 things per list) on 5 separate blogs (one blog per list) throughout the next 5 weeks.

Five is my “lucky” number when it comes to writing and such. Maybe you have noticed that from my articles.

I have made a list of some things to blog about for 5 Things. I’ll choose from this list as I decide what to write each time. πŸ™‚

  • hobbies
  • collections
  • goals
  • experiences
  • animals
  • places
  • foods
  • colors
  • influential people
  • holidays
  • Christmas wish list presents
  • Birthday wish list presents
  • priceless moments
  • websites
  • quotes
  • embarrassing moments
  • pet peeves

If you happen to have anymore ideas, please let me know? πŸ™‚

So far I am thinking about posting for this project on Fridays. I try to blog every Friday and Monday since I do not get online on the weekends. What do you think? Does Friday sound good? More of my online friends get online during the weekend, anyway, so if I do blog for this project on Fridays, the majority of my online friends will actually get to see it. Hmm. I like that idea. Friday it is. nods

See what I just did? Up there, in the paragraph before and above this one? I had a one-way conversation with you. Think I confused you? Think of what it is like offline and in person. πŸ˜› :O

I’ll have to remember to link back to this post, too, so that newcomers – if any – will know what the “5 Things” project is. If I like it after I am through, I will do it next year as well.

Until next time,


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Comments on this post

That’s okay, we can manage. πŸ˜€
Do you still have the stalker on there?
You could have requested password changes lol.

Oh this sounds fun. πŸ˜€ It will be like a challenge!!! πŸ˜€

Wait you need proof that you’re being stalked?

Ooooh! That sounds like a creative idea for the blog project! :D! Do post whenever you are most comfortable with. Im comfortable with any :). Hmmm.. I dont know as for more ideas :O!!! All I know is that I have a collective of blog challenges on my blog.

In prom, I saw 100% of the girls wearing something shiny and silkyish. I was kind of blessed of having some sort of dress for me to wear :)! It will feel out of place if theres jeans involved :P!. But then again, I don`t even know the people :O!!

5 Things Project? That is such an interesting idea. The crazy thing is, I started a challenge of my own just yesterday – the 30 Day Book Challenge.
You put in “Websites” twice in the list. Maybe you could talk about your favorite books or movies too?

Well, this website is basically related to my book. Like, you have or I wanted to have {which is the name of my novel} but then if my second book comes out, I’d have to change it.

Your baby? Aw, thats so cute. I have missed you. πŸ™‚

I sometimes miss my ex too. I don’t think you ever completely get over your ex. Blah.