Thanksgiving Break

I don’t know whether I will blog again until next Monday since it is Thanksgiving Break – just a heads up. 😛

Ask me questions. 🙂 You know … like Formspring questions, but so I can answer them in a blog post. 😛 If you leave a link (via the form), I’ll link you for asking the questions. o.o 😀

I’m thinking about having coloring contest closer to the end of December. The picture will be of a winter scene. Free advertising for three months, two blog plugs and a blog shout-out will be given to the winner. Does this sound good? Oh – I should mention that the coloring sheet must be printed and colored, then scanned or taken a picture of and uploaded. Let me know what you think. ^^

Today was alright. I went to Carrie’s class and helped out with the centers. I managed and maintained the totem center. Two projects were necessary, and at first it seemed like an easy center – kind of like those easy A classes, but they turn out to NOT be easy. I repeat, NOT. It was not difficult; it was a lot to do in twenty minutes. 🙁 Aside from that, they colored at different rates, meaning they finished at different rates.

Some were independent and wanted to glue the totem together themselves while others wanted me to do it. Some were able to glue the paper around the [empty] toilet paper roll without making a mess while others made a mess and created more chaos.

I survived it, though. I had patience. Maybe it was because it was so early or God was giving it to me because He knew I desperately needed it.

I’ll talk about my Thanksgiving holiday next Monday. What do you do to celebrate Thanksgiving? What do you eat for your feast? If you don’t celebrate it, what do you think of the holiday?

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You sound so excited about your upcoming projects!!! I’m proud of you for surviving the totem class. LOL it sounded rather challenging!!!

Regarding Thanksgiving, I celebrate the usual way as far as food goes, but I also like to think of it as a “day of thanks” more than a celebration of the pilgrims or even the harvest. To me, this gives it a more universal appeal. Just my thoughts….

You like my site? 🙂 I kind of don’t like it.

Since I only have two days off for Thanksgiving and my family is on the other end of the United States, I stay here instead of paying 1000 dollars to fly home for two days. There’s always a group of people that stay here at the dorms, and we put together an enormous feast that we munch for the next 3-4 days.

I love the holiday. The festivities are my favorite. Who doesn’t like piles and piles of food?

Happy early Thanksgiving then! I usually don’t celebrate Thanksgiving since my mom isn’t American, and many times my dad isn’t here to “lead the celebration.” However he is here this year, so we might actually be doing something. I think it’s a nice holiday to relax and be thankful, well that’s what it’s supposed to be anyway.

Whoaa I actually know a girl named Sarah Elizabeth! She went to my high school. It’s probably a common first-middle name combination?

Aw thanks! I used to hate it actually since it sounds like a guys name, but now I’m used to being called Sanghee so I like it a lot now.

I actually don’t know where I got it. I was looking through my old files and just saw it. If you want it though I can probably send it to you.

You know, I actually wish I was a senior again just so I can laugh in their faces for trying to pick on me. HAHA! I look younger than I am so don’t think it would be hard to be mistaken.

A coloring contest? sounds like fun haha

That reminds me that I really need to start my wallpaper contest… Gah… so much has been going on lately for me though. lazy

I just noticed that you are a fellow Texan. Woot! xD

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coloring contest?! That’d be cool 🙂 I’m in! I’d do it to just color and compete! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Can’t wait to hear about your holiday break!

Happy Thanksgiving! and mhm I don’t really get what you did with mary’s project… lol you made totem poles?! sorry . lol And mhm questions.

Well I mean when like PDA is right in yoru face.. ur walking down the hall and BOOM! peopel are makingout.. kissing is fine but… like down each other throats.. yuck. haha maybe it is because

1) If you had to date one celebrity who would it be?
2) Do you like Ke$ha’s new song We are who we r or Willow Smiths Whip my hair better?

For Thanksgiving, I get Thursday and Friday off in addition to the weekend, which is still so short a time that I’ll come back to finish off the term more tired than before I left for home. During the weekend, I do homework as usual. Ah, well.

Seeing as I’m Canadian, my Thanksigving was a month ago. I don’t even think I celebrated it… I went to Florida with my boyfriend and exhausted ourselves at Disney World haahhaha.
Hope you enjoy your Thanksigving.

I absolutely HATE turkey~! 😛

Hello Liz :D!@ I hope you have an awesome thanksgiving day! ;D!

I dislike formspring. Because of idiotic questions I get :X. There was a couple that got me a bit iffy. :/ So yeah :O! :O! The totem center course sounds interesting. :O! Group works are a bit :X!!!

But at least it works out ;D!

I ate turkey for breakfast :O!!

OH i see haha sorry I think I read to fast and then I reread to fast… im weird like that haha i guess. and ohh tell me about your little adventure
ps-Do you want to be affies? or Link exchanges? I mean we comment each other a lot (kinda) haha 🙁

ohh no sad face.. sorry about that. i accidentally clicked that

Haha you gotta love those “easy A” classes that turn out to be not so easy. It sounds really interesting though. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. 🙂

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving! We don’t celebrate it in Australia. I can’t imagine if we did; my parents wouldn’t really celebrate, especially since we don’t have a lot of family here (most of them are overseas).

I like the idea of a colouring contest. I remember on New Years last year, my friend and I decided to colour in pictures to celebrate and spread peace or something. I can’t remember but he did tweet about it. I think I’ll give it a go if you do it around Christmas! 😀

I’m going to ask some general questions for you, at least they will give you something to answer I hope.
1) What’s the most embarrassing email address you’ve had?
2) Have you ever dreamed of being famous?
3) What is your earliest childhood memory?

Some people keep asking me what’s wrong when I don’t want to talk about it, but my close friends definitely don’t persist. My mum just doesn’t get it. =_=

I do well with an alarm. I think you’re like my brother; he finds it so difficult to be woken up unless woken up by someone. Usually my mum has to shout really loudly and shake him too. :/

Okay, sorry for sounding like a complete imbecile but I have only a little idea about Thanksgiving. Its not celebrated here in India so I only know that it falls in November due to reading lots of novels, but that about sums it up.
My questions:
1. What is the totem center?
2. Tell me about Thanksgiving.

Yes, I know its lightbox 2. As soon as I get time, I am going to install it. It looks uber cool. 🙂

Ok, my question is:
What do you like best about your website?
That sounds like an interesting contest. I’ve never heard of one like that.
I like working with older kids. Whenever I volunteer at my church to work with kids that is the age category I prefer. But it’s great that you got through the ordeal. Did they put a smile on your face at all?
To celebrate Thanksgiving my family are usually invited to a meal or go to the church’s single’s Thanksgiving party with my mom. And the meal is usually a potluck. So all this yummy goodness.

I used to really hate science. Something must have changed because I decided to take biology and chemistry at A Level and I want to study a science at university.

I have to admit I quite like maths tests. They are quite easy!

Hmm a question…
okay, what do you consider as the most embarrassing song in your music collection?

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK which is a shame, I think we could do with another holiday!

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I hope you had a fun holiday! The contest sound interesting, but I barely have time to do anything these days, lol.

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