Today: Take One

It was brought to my attention by Isi that the image for IOTM was too difficult. I’m changing that now, so by the time this post is published, the image will be changed. πŸ™ Next time I’ll pay attention to the picture once I put it up, because I didn’t that time.

Carrie’s Fall Party is Friday. It’s not that far away. I feel kind of nervous because you never know exactly how something will turn out. This is the first party of the school year, and this is the first time my mom and I have ever been Room Mothers. A Room Mother is someone who plans the class’s parties and special events. I think that by the next one we are to plan that it will be much easier and that we will have a better idea of what to send out on the things to bring, rather than seeing who wants to bring sweets. o.o

Speaking of Friday, I just realized that today is Wednesday. I don’t know why. That’s really weird … I knew it was Wednesday today yesterday, but today I kept thinking it was Tuesday.

Last year I bought the domain name It is not set up yet. -.- Don’t visit it, LOL. What do you think of a smoothie recipe community powered by WordPress? It would allow users to post their own smoothie recipes in blog posts. I decided that blog posts would be better because then I could list the categories on the sidebar as well as the tags. Does that make sense? would redirect to My mom came up with the posting smoothies idea and making it into a community, so most of the credit goes to her.

But seriously, what do you think? Would you be up for joining? πŸ˜› If not, I understand. I know smoothies don’t interest everyone. πŸ™‚

My stomach hurts. πŸ™ Gah. My left knee and leg keep falling asleep, too. ._.

I haven’t really been posting in any forums I am a part of lately, and I apologize. I am trying to fix up 6birds a little bit, things like that. I will try to post in them again next week, though. πŸ™‚

Though I didn’t blog about this, I’m going to say it anyway. -.- I FINALLY FOUND THE PLUGIN I HAD INSTALLED ON 6BIRDS.NET ON MY PREVIOUS HOST’S SERVER!!! It turned out to be WP-UserOnline. I thought I had installed the wrong Count Per Day plugin all along. LOL. xD

I need to install that acronym plugin, too. I’m just too lazy to do so right now.

Looking for button rotation exchanges to be a part of, I keep running into websites that require a certain amount of hits. πŸ™ Yeah, I use Count Per Day and I can see my website hits and daily views, etc., but why is the number of hits that you receive daily (or even weekly and monthly!) such a big deal? It is getting to be annoying, frustrating and aggravating. :O

On the bright side, I pulled my hair back this morning into a cute, low ponytail. I didn’t even straighten or brush it. I brushed it last night, though. But since I didn’t brush it this morning, would that mean that I have bedhead? It’s wavy and cute. I didn’t feel like spending fifteen minutes straightening it, anyway. πŸ˜›

I might change my smilies this November. We’ll see.

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Comments on this post

I would totally join your smoothie site if I knew any good recipes myself. If you make it, I will stalk it, because smoothies = yummy!

I guess that rotations require a certain number of hits so that they know that the people who join it actually will be getting extra hits from it. Makes it hard to join I think. I purposely stopped looking at stats for my own site so that I’d stop obsessing over where my hits were coming from and how many I had, especially since I was getting maybe 3-4 a day at most.

We have loads of hedgehogs here. We used to have one that lived under our shed and we gave it food and water.

I hope the party is fun πŸ™‚ Have a good time!

A smoothie community? What a great idea! That’s really unique. I love smoothies πŸ˜›

I’m so sorry for commenting back so late! I’ve been so stressed recently πŸ™

Thanks for the plug & hopefully Rawr picks up, so many people who said they were joining have been offline. I think it’s the weather or something, but everyone, including me, has been so lazy & just focused on things other than the computer. & if Rawr doesn’t pick up, I’ll just have to delete it. πŸ˜› Ah well. It was fun making it & gave me some more experience. I’ll be on your forum a lot though, if that’s okay. πŸ™‚ I know it’s mainly for hosting, but I think it’s just too cute to pass up being a part of. (:

I love the Smoothies idea! I’ll definitely be a part of that site too! πŸ˜€

@Jessi, it’s alright! I’ve been slacking on my comments, too. Sorry I’m replying to you like this, but if I don’t do it like this right now, I never will because I’ll forget! D:

Thanks! I’m currently working on getting iLS up! πŸ˜€ It’s just … going to be a while before it gets up, because here come the holidays!

Awhh. Yeahh.. Zeninx will be up for the life of Zeninx Hosting (hopefully a long time!). It’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Who knows, though? Maybe Rawr will pick up with a lot of people or something, at random? πŸ˜›

Ya never know!

I’ve used it for quite some time now actually. shorter url etc.