What did you do over the weekend?

I woke up to rain pouring down. Although the rain was nice, I didn’t want it today. Today is “fair day”, meaning the kids have today off. That makes today, well … BLAH. ._.

[image unavailable]

I almost ran over a turtle Saturday. It was on the road I live on, so I went to the side, put the Explorer in park and took a picture. I’m surprised it didn’t go into it’s shell. o.o

I cleaned my room. 🙂 Now the floor is clean, and I don’t have to worry about what I step on! I’ll change my sheets this evening, close to before I go to bed.

Last night I saw a Walking Leaf.

I’m sorry for the darkness and blurriness. I took it from my phone,  and my phone doesn’t always take great shots. D: I saw this around 11pm or so. 😮 I had never seen one before, and didn’t know WHAT it was, so I looked it up on my phone. Apparently, it was a Walking Leaf, and are common as pets? How can a bug like that be a pet?! It was sticking to the window, LOL. 😛 At first I thought it was a grass hopper.

Aside from the pictures, I also watched a few horror movies: The Skeleton Key, Beneath Still Waters, 100 Feet and Silent Hill. They were mostly gross, and somewhat scary. They were on SyFy.

What did you do over the weekend?

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Aww, I love turtles 😀 They’re so cute. I saw one on the road before, and so we got out and I took a picture, and then we tried to get it to walk to the side of the road because we didn’t want it to get hit.

It sounds like you had a pretty calm weekend. Mine was pretty busy, as I worked and had my commencement and it was thanksgiving weekend here in Canada xD so I had a lot to do, but now it’s back to normal life tomorrow.

yea im not hiding my website either, im just not boasting about it or promoting it haha although i told one friends recently. my friends use to knew but idk they never really visited it. haha this friend is actually really excited about it. im excited to see what he thinks haha but first i need to re-do my layout haha. before i tell him the URL

Yay! xD
Love the new template <3 😀

First of all, I love the new layout! 😀

Aww good thing you didn’t run that poor turtle over! What a brave turtle, haha!

I never heard of a walking leaf before. Is that like a katydid or a stick bug? It sort of looks like a praying mantis but I don’t think it is.

Over the weekend, I went to the beach and redid my CV so I can start The Great Job Hunt.

I don’t even forget my phone because i am always texting before i leave the house. I’m just that addicted lol. I get what you mean, it’s just a must to have a fun in case of an emergency. If there was a rubbery at Wal-mart, i would hide in the clothing section or in the bathroom.

Calling someone is a fag is completely rude. I hate that word. OMG i just blogged about my views on homosexuals. It was part of my challenge.

I wish my room was clean. I was to be completely conscious of where i step or i might get hurt lol. Ohh i hate bugs and any else that looks like it. It gives me the chills. shudders

The vexel is kinda’ the same, but I’ve asked Lana, a member of Fuzzable if it was OK, and she was fine with it. Thank anyway!

Nope, I don’t mine at all 🙂 Thanks!

So how are you? 🙂

Good! 🙂 I’m great thanks 🙂

This is a little random, but how did you come up with your website’s name? It’s really nice!

Ah, that’s clever 🙂

I’ve always been awful at coming up with site names, hence ‘iTechDesigns’.. Haha! When I first started, my ‘slogan’ was “The grooviest graphics in town!”. Hahahah!

haha i guess, but i dont think its very preppy. haha all time low isn’t really a Miley Cyrus, or Selena Gomez band. Thanks though. wordpress is hard. im trying to make another layout as we speak haha

Ahhhh I love turtles! That one isn’t as adorable as most that I encounter. But I hoped you move him/her off the road…! 🙂