When I was in school…

Is it weird that most of my online friends are in high school?

1. There were cliques.

But it didn’t matter whether you were or weren’t a part of them. You didn’t have to worry about “making the cut” or anything like that. Yet, there were still a few groups you did have to make the cut for: sports (football, tennis, swimming, cheerleading, drill team, etc.), StuCo, NHS, a few others.

The Pit wasn’t only for the skateboarders and those with the crazy hair and such – other cliques hung out there as well, and compared to my previous high school for freshman and sophomore year, the majority of the school got along with all of the cliques.

I think the cliques, though, were just different groups of friends. In the end, if I wouldn’t have been as shy as I was, I could have known the entire school if I wanted. That’s how close-knit my eight-building school was. xD (Yes, eight buildings. People thought it was a college campus! :P)

2. Bullying wasn’t a big issue.

My oldest younger brother, Isaac, talks about how a lot of kids are mean at his school. Yes, he is in middle school. But still… What’s the point? According to him, there were a group of girls beating up another girl and making her cry because she wouldn’t let them copy her homework. He tried to break it up; it didn’t work.

Students at the middle school can’t take backpacks to school because last year too many students brought knives to school. They now have a new principle – whom Isaac dislikes, and he disciplines not just with detention, but with a paddle.

If I went there, I would feel like a prisoner in my own school because of things that my peers – or students there before me – did.

I don’t understand what the point is in bullying. And to those who are bullied, don’t think that YOU are the problem. Whomever is bullying you is obviously insecure. Ignore them, and they will eventually quit.

3. Teachers were interactive.

If they heard about a fight that was to happen, or that someone was in trouble, they would tell a counselor. Only a few teachers did nothing, though.

I think what makes an excellent teacher is someone not only teaches you things and lets you learn from your mistakes on your own, it is someone who helps you – even when it has nothing to do with the subject.

Anyone can be a teacher. A person doesn’t have to have a degree in order for you to learn something new from them.

4. Drama wasn’t big.

Nowadays it seems like there is a LOT more drama since I have graduated. Or maybe it’s only because I’m seeing it from the outside rather than the sidelines.

Everything is so knit-picky!

“I hate ____ because she talked to my boyfriend,” or, “____ is a ____ because she talked to ____ even though ____ isn’t my friend anymore!” Doesn’t that just sound so childish? I really don’t understand it. I never got mad because of things like that in high school but I know a few people who did.

5. MySpace was popular.

Facebook hasn’t been popular [in the places I have been] that long. I think that Facebook has just now reached it’s popularity, because it seems like it’s the talk of everything now. In high school, MySpace was everything, and if you were not on on your friend’s top, it was a big deal.

I use MySpace’s random top eight, or I alphabetize everyone by their name. It only seemed fair to me. ๐Ÿ˜› However, I don’t think MySpace had the random top friends then, and you could choose how many friends you wanted on your top.

I don’t know why I decided to write this. But I’m trying to update on Fridays, even when I don’t have something to say. ._. My mood is “blah”. o.o

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Ah! The comment I typed disappeared suddenly. :/

I’m now in high school.. Looking back at my primary school, the students are really different compared to our time. For example, a Standard 1 student has a “wife”/”husband” already – couples. During our time, even until we’re in Standard 6, we don’t have any couples! o.o

The cliques in my school pretend to get along well, but in fact, they dislike each others. -_- This year, I try not to get myself involved in any cliques, because I dislike it. I only be close with the friends whom I feel comfortable with. :3

Bullying and drama were not a big deal during my time. I’m glad that my high school has no bully. I study in a girl school. Yes, there may be “bitch fights” but not that obvious – they just don’t talk to each others.

Yeah! The teachers were interactive. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love my primary school teachers, a lot. Since I study in a Malay school (although I’m a Chinese), there are of course some teachers who is racist. Nevertheless, there are still some teachers who are not and are friendly to us. <3

Hehe, Friendster was the thing here. Now, Facebook! I disliked Myspace.. and still do. :3

Haha great list. Most of that is the same as when I was in school.

My family think so too but it’s what I WANT and they are just going to have to deal with it. It’s what I love. Everyone in my family are going to school to become nurses and doctors, I don’t like hospitals, it creeps me out so why would I want to work there? Web-Design is my passion and if they can’t handle then i guess i’m on my own.
I think you should do what YOU want, if you go in the path that they choose for you, you will not be happy. What good is having a job if you’re not happy with it?

There are no cliques in my school, everyone talks to each other. There a no popular or lames, if you mess with someone you might get beat up.

Bullying has to be the biggest issue. People kill themselves because of that. We don’t have bullying though because people can actually stand up for themselves.

It’s all about facebook now, i really don’t like it though. Facebook is lameeeeeee lol. ๐Ÿ˜› So are teachers. ๐Ÿ˜€

:O! Thankfully, nothing seriously got injured :)! Kids and their judgement. How much hits do you get daily? :O! I`m satisfied with my 45 unique average a day. :P. Back when I first started, I had 3 a day or so :O!! Commenters are awesome. :D! I never knew applications asks you about colors :O! It feels biased :X

I always thought cliques were just social hangouts with people. OMG OMG OMGOMG. I always thought bullies were issues. These days, pricks messes with you emotionally or physically.

dont even start about drama. I HATE DRAMAMAMAMA. There is plentyful in people around me. I know what happens, but I dont even want to get involved.

I remember myspace :P!! Now its all about facebook. O: I often say- that myspaces are full of !@#% these days :O!

this is the only blog i have red with such long lines. lols
yes i did like your post, and gaah those bullies, i was before but i never hurt them physically.
myspace was but facebook is at its peak!

That is a nice list. I have seen that when life around you is uninteresting, making a list always helps.
I am still in school, so I can’t really comment, but I agree with most of the points.
High School is hell. I can’t wait to get out of here. Just a year and a half. I have it marked on my calender.
I think it is most high-schoolers that have the free time to blog and update regularly. We don’t study, you see. ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe some survey should done, as to how age groups are proportional to online bloggers. Most bloggers are teenagers or “tweenagers”.

The stadium is huge. And its awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think things aren’t too much different, though I was thinking it would be. For starters, the cliques – we didn’t really have any. We just had friend groups, and people hung out with the people they got along with the most, and who they were closest too. But I went to a gifted and talented school where people were different from background, appearance, interests and certain skills. Our groups seemed distinct enough – like the nerds would go together (usually my group haha), the sporty people together, and so on. Things didn’t get “cliquey”.

Bullying is something that is serious here. But they encourage you to speak up if you’re bullied. We have a counsellor here too. And the teachers are much like yours – teachers stepped in where they thought they could help out. They encouraged you if you weren’t doing well, and they asked you what was wrong if you didn’t look okay.

MySpace wasn’t all that popular here… some people used Bebo, though. I got my first Facebook invite in 2006 and I just didn’t think there was any usefulness in joining another social networking site. Most of the ones I use, I just eventually leave.

I haven’t been to my school since I started university but I’d like to see how it’s changed. There wasn’t all that much drama there, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ahh I have white shoes; I think they’re Vans? I’m not sure what the style is called haha. I wore them in the rain once, and they’re already a bit brown. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t like white clothes because they get dirty easily.

Ah! Sorry, I forgot to finish replying to your comment. D:

Today has been … wild.

I remember Bebo, but none of my friends really used it, so I soon quit using it. I don’t own any Vans, but I like their shoes. ๐Ÿ˜› I always seem to get white dirty. ๐Ÿ™