Your Socks Don’t Match

Yesterday my mom told me that my socks don’t match. She thought I was crazy. But I have not worn matching socks since Christmas, but that was a special occasion. Haha.

Anyway, I figured that that would make a great “first impression” even though some of my visitors have seen my previous domains and/or subdomains. I decided to use FanUpdate to manage I figured it would be much easier for people to comment on particular pages rather than to back to the index page since I don’t plan to add a c-box anytime soon. I intended to work on [redacted]’s layout and finish it and stuff, but I left the password information in a file folder of mine. I got one of those filing bin things from Wal-Mart last week and have been trying to file all of my papers to better organize myself. 🙂 The bin was only $ 5, and it seemed worth the money to try out. If it didn’t work, I could have taken it back! But fortunately, it does. 😀 💡 I need to remember to finish fixing my smilies! I’ll have content up soon, but I don’t know when for sure. :/

Either way, feel free to comment the blog and chat 🙂 I’ll also have available to your mobile phones soon! You will be able to view the blogs and more via 🙂 After I get all of the things I need from my 2 subdomains, I will delete them. :] Just a warning. 😛

Question Time 🙂

  1. What do you think of the layout?
  2. How does look so far?

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